faerie-in-disguise said: How would you suggest making a bedroom look more sophisticated? I don't really like the posters plastered everywhere look lol :) 

The key would be to keep your room clean! Maintaining the cleanliness of your room would be the hardest. So, make sure you have lots of places to store your things in, like dressers, wardrobes, boxes and etc. Keep it simple and don’t over-crowd your room with too much decor and unnecessary things.

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Anonymous said: First of all; I found your blog today and have been scrolling endlessly for ages! I love all these ideas and they are perfect inspiration! -- Anyway, I'm getting a new room in a few months and I'm trying to find a style that will inspire it. I love the 'blank canvas' type of style - like cosy and white but then I would love to have a black wire bed. My question is, do you think this will work? (Black wire bed and white/cream style rest of room) 

I see what you mean. Of course! The black wire bed would be the focus of your room, thus standing out amongst the rest of your room, which would be white/cream. Don’t forget to not over-crowd and keep things tidy and simple. Sort out your organization! I would also recommend pops of color. If you don’t like that, then just pops of black trinkets, for example, photo frames, boxes, containers, jewellery holders, ect here and there. 

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Anonymous said: do you mind sharing your theme? 

Of course not! If you didn’t notice, there is a tiny copyright symbol in the bottom right corner. But my theme is from: http://evolvinq.tumblr.com/

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thoraplantain said: I've noticed that most of the pictures are very feminine - fairy lights, bright bedspreads. Do you receive submissions of boys' bedrooms? 

Rarely! I do try my best to find some; I don’t just want to post girls’ bedrooms. It’s very hard to find images of a guys’ bedroom, but submissions would help, gentlemen!

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Some people have been asking for a picture of my room. So, here it is, lol. Is it ironic that I give out advice to people, post nice pictures of bedrooms, and yet here I am with a filthy room? I suppose I’ll post snippets of cute, little things in my room. Once I tidy it, that is.
Paper cranes hung from fairy lights add a nice touch to an indie room!